The LGBT market is still largely untapped by brands looking to continuously and consciously commit to supporting our community. By considering a partnership with NGMA, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. Focusing on how to market to the LGBT community in an effective and meaningful way, while also exhibiting continuing commitment is the ideal solution – and NGMA can help you get there.

The team at NGMA has been on the front-lines of advocating for the LGBT community for decades. Over the years, they’ve solidified their roles in the community as trusted leaders. Together, they help to curate content, advocate for LGBT rights, and speak up for this often-ignored or often-discriminated-against community. Their readership is dedicated, and consistently engaged across all 12 NGMA publications, and as a result, the NGMA team ensures that their advertisers are delivering content to their readership that’s:




The National LGBT Media Association (NGMA) has long been a partner for organizations across the country. We work with the best of the best, showcasing brands that are true allies to the LGBT community, and who are looking for a one-stop-shop to help them market to this community whose buying power is constantly growing.

With one insertion order for all 12 NGMA publications, national companies looking to reach the LGBT community experience an easy low-risk way to increase sales and embrace diversity and inclusivity with better cooler customers in a larger than expected market with more discretionary income, all with the confidence of having a trusted, certified partner by their side.

Who we are

The National LGBT Media Association represents the “best of the best” in LGBT media, representing long-time brand names with an estimated 500,000 weekly newspaper and online readers.

How we work

The National LGBT Media Association is a one-stop-shop for marketing companies and advertising agencies wishing to reach loyal LGBT audience who read regional print and online media.

What we can do for you

The National LGBT Media Association makes your job easier — and your client’s reach far greater — by managing a wide range of media buys in major LGBT media markets nationwide.